We service all makes and models. Call us to make an appointment and discuss your servicing options. We don't like to cut corners so you can be assured that quality servicing is taking place on every single car that comes into our garage. Do it once and do it right.

We can customise your servicing requirements to suit the needs of your car. If you would like to discuss pricing, call us today.


We are a one stop shop, book in for your Warrant of Fitness and we can complete any necessary repairs required to ensure your car will pass.


Whether you have an odd squeaky noise that needs resolving or have a specific repair in mind, we can help your car get back to running how it should be.

Master Mechanics can help source and fit specific performance parts that you may be wanting to add to your car to give it the look, power and handling that you are after. We also offer custom fabrication of exhausts and mufflers.

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