Brakes are a very important part to your vehicle that could compromise your safety and those on the road around you. It also effects your car’s performance and handling.

Key brake failure signs are:

  • Noisy brakes when applying brake pedal (squeeks or squeals)
  • Car veers when braking or pulls left or right
  • vibration through vehicle, pedal or steering wheel.
  • Brake pedal pulses or brakes shudder when applied to
  • Brake warranty lamp on dash
  • Brake pedal hard, soft, spongey or low

Brake Services we provide are:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Disc roter replacement
  • Disc machining or disc grinding
  • Caliper servicing, replacement or rebuilds
  • Rear Wheel cylinders and shoe replacement
  • Hydraulic brake service of fluids and hoses

At Master Mechanics we will strive to do a job once and do the job right. Every brake job we replace the parts affect by the hydraulic system, and all of the brake fluid will be replaced as a matter of course to ensure a proper and thorough job has been completed.
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